CiviCRM For WordPress: A Powerful Open Source Platform for Organizations

CiviCRM For WordPress: A Powerful Open Source Platform for Organizations

CiviCRM is a powerful, open source customer relationship management platform that caters to non-profit and other civic-sector organizations. Its cornerstone features include online donation processing, event management, memberships, case management, peer-to-peer campaigns, and reporting – basically everything organizations need to grow and sustain strong relationships.

Up until recently, CiviCRM only supported integration with Drupal and Joomla. CiviCRM version 4.1 introduces the ability to fully integrate with WordPress 3.3+. [Update, 6/16/21: Latest version release = CiviCRM version 5.38.]

This is exciting news for organizations that want to add robust CRM capabilities to their WordPress websites.

Features and components are fully-integrated with payments, contributions and reports. For example, take a look at an example membership level signup form:

CiviCRM core features include:

  • Contributions
  • Communications
  • Peer-To-Peer Fundraisers
  • Advocacy Campaigns
  • Events
  • Members
  • Reports
  • Case Management

Manage Contacts

Contact management in CiviCRM allows you to define different contact types, such as donors, members, voters, volunteers, etc. It also includes built-in de-duping, group creation, affiliation, and much more. These capabilities extend far beyond most WordPress membership plugins as the features were created specifically for use with complex organizations.

Create Membership Levels

CiviCRM boasts powerful membership management features, including the ability to:

  • Create multiple membership levels for multiple organizations and/or chapters
  • Customize membership statuses and rules
  • Create multiple custom online membership forms for self-service sign-up and renewal
  • Create access to site content based on membership
  • Create membership-specific e-mail subscription groups
  • Search and list memberships by date, type, status, contact info
  • Create automatically renewing memberships
  • Automatically send membership renewal reminders

For more information you can browse the massive CiviCRM feature list to evaluate if the software is right for your organization.

Curious to see how CiviCRM works with WordPress? Check out the live demo. There are a couple of options when viewing the demo. Try out the fully functional demo that allows you to see CiviCRM running on WordPress. You can play with Contacts, Groups, Events, Memberships — just about everything that CiviCRM offers.

You can check out assorted community contributed guides in their documentation section as well.

Ready to get CiviCRM installed and give it a test spin? Check out the WordPress Installation Guide for CiviCRM.