Convert Your Flash Website to an HTML5 WordPress Site

Convert Your Flash Website to an HTML5 WordPress Site

ConvertMyFlash is a must-have service for any company still running a flash-based website. The concept is simple. In 72 hours, ConvertMyFlash will take your Flash site and convert it into an HTML5 site powered by WordPress 3.0, fully migrating your content and deploying it in place of your old site.

Remember when Flash sites used to be oh-so-cool? A smooth audio-visual experience that transformed the web into a hip and aesthetically pleasing playground for the senses. Everyone wanted a Flash website and nobody seemed to mind the “loading” page. But times change and what used to be a sleek web solution has now evolved into a big fat pain in the butt. Flash isn’t cool anymore. It has become a casualty in the Adobe v. Apple war and has become more trouble for site owners than it’s worth. Here’s why your Flash website is hurting your online presence:

Flash is incompatible with hundreds of millions of devices

With 9 out of 10 of all Americans currently in possession of a mobile phone, and 20% of all mobile sales as smartphones, more and more people are accessing websites on the go instead of on a desktop computer. Flash doesn’t work on many mobile platforms. This means that by having a Flash-based website, you are losing MILLIONS of leads.

Flash Hurts Your Search Rankings

Google’s bots don’t consider flash files to be part of your site’s content. All of that smooth preloaded audio-visual is completely useless if your site isn’t trafficked. Without solid search engine rankings, you’re already losing market share to your non-flash-driven competitors.

What’s the solution?!

Get your Flash website completely converted to HTML5. Not only is HTML5 viewable on cellphones, tablets & smartphones but it also shows up beautifully in any web browser. After conversion, search engines will be able to fully crawl and index your new content, which will significantly increase your search rankings.

And with WordPress 3.0’s easy content management capabilities, you will be able to change your site’s content without having to edit Flash images.

With the changing landscape of the world wide web, converting your website from Flash to HTML5 is an absolute necessity.

ConvertMyFlash can make this a simple, cost-effective reality for even the most complicated Flash builds. Don’t get left in the dark ages. Give your website the edge with a clean, fast conversion to HTML5 and WordPress