Create and Display an Actual Business Card on Your WordPress Site

Create and Display an Actual Business Card on Your WordPress Site

Sure, the world has changed in many ways since the rise of the web, but some things are so iconic that they’ve stayed the same even if they don’t really make sense in a digital environment.

Take, for example, coupons. Even though it would be physically impossible to cut them out of a website, many still choose to show a dotted line around online coupons as if you could. That dotted line triggers something deep inside many people. It means “DEAL” or “DISCOUNT!”

Business cards, like coupons, have been such a part of our offline lives for so long that it’s almost a little strange not having them on the web.

Well, now there’s a plugin to fix that.

Business Card Plugin

The new Business Card by Wisdmlabs plugin will let you create your own digital business card right in the back end of your site.

Here’s a quick one I made up.


Setting up your card is easy to do. Once the plugin is installed and activated, go to the settings page and simply fill in the blanks.

You can choose colors for the card’s background and text. You can also upload a logo for your business or a picture of yourself.

Displaying the Card

Once you have things the way you like them, you can then display the card where you like by inserting the shortcode [visiting_card].

If your sidebar is large enough, you could insert the shortcode into a text widget and have it appear there, as in the example below.

You can also insert the card into a template file by inserting the following code where you like.

<?php echo do_shortcode(‘[visiting_card]'); ?>

photo credit: ctoverdrive