Create, Store and Share WordPress Installation Profiles Online

Create, Store and Share WordPress Installation Profiles Online

A few months ago I wrote about how you can save time setting up WordPress by creating your own installation profiles. Since that time the WP Install Profiles plugin has had many updates that make it even easier for the community to share and import profiles.

Jon Schwab, the creator of WP Install Profiles, has also set up a central location for users of the plugin to upload, store and share profiles that they create. The WP Install Profiles site is a great place to discover new plugins, get recommendations and stay organized for common site builds.

How to Upload and Save WordPress Installation Profiles

Want to get started saving your own installation profiles? Create an account on the WP Install Profiles site. Now click on “Add Profile” to start creating a list of plugins for it to include. The profiles you create will be publicly visible and searchable on the site.

Now, on your WordPress site, make sure you have WP Install Profiles plugin installed. In the settings panel you will enter your WPIP username and your saved profiles will be automatically imported. You’ll be able to take all of your saved plugins and install them with one click!

This video demonstrates an example of importing your own installation profiles for use within a new WordPress site:

I think this is a simply brilliant idea that will save you tons of time when setting up new WordPress sites. As a long time Drupal user I have always appreciated how much installation profiles can simplify the setup process. WP Install Profiles is a bit more informal in its approach but highly convenient for WordPress users, even beginners. Check out the WP Install Profiles community site to get started.