Create Your Own Directory Site Powered by WordPress

Create Your Own Directory Site Powered by WordPress

Creating your own powerful online directory site has never been easier. Whether you want to set up your own local directory, a network of affiliates or display business listings, you’re going to want to use the WordPress Directory Plugin. It’s packed full of features that make it easy for you to make money from your listings. The plugin has also gotten some very cool updates recently.

Note: WPMU DEV no longer maintains or supports this plugin (see this post for more info: You can, however, still download the plugins from (see links provided in this post).

Exciting New Features:

  • PayPal Recurring Payments
    – You can set billing agreement, billing period and billing frequency
  • Reviews/Ratings for listings
    – Users can submit a review and rate the listing
  • New default theme
    – New awesome design
    – You can set different styles and layouts in the theme options
  • Network-wide/per-site Content Types
    – Same as in latest version of CustomPress – the WordPress CMS plugin

Shiny New Default Theme:

Not only is there a new default theme packaged with the plugin, but you can select from among several attractive styles, customize your layout using rows or grids, set your own color scheme in the dashboard, text shadows, advertising space, and much more.

Easy and Fast to Setup

It takes about 5 minutes to set up. No exaggeration there – You can have an online directory site up and running, integrated with your chosen payment gateway and be taking new listings in a matter of minutes.

Super Smooth Listing Checkout Process

When site visitors purchase a listing on your site, they can easily select from a one-time payment or recurring billing.
1. Select Service

2. Select Payment Option

3. Enter Payment Details

The WordPress Directory Plugin essentially gives you an automated source of income. Use the plugin to activate an online directory on your site and open it up for paid listings. Set the amount to charge for each billing cycle and you’ll be able to maintain your customer base with recurring billing. In just a few easy steps, the WordPress Directory Plugin will have you making money while you sleep.