Stunning CSS Button Libraries and Collections for WordPress

Stunning CSS Button Libraries and Collections for WordPress

Think about how many times you click or tap or press on something over the course of a day. In fact, it’s probably so ingrained in you to click before trying any other action that it can be confusing to encounter something that looks clickable but in actuality doesn’t do anything.

Buttons are generally the universal sign for “look over here” and “click me”—in both the real and digital worlds. Despite most people recognizing a button for its inherent purpose, it’s still your job as a designer to ensure that buttons are designed in a way that call the utmost attention to them. There should be absolutely no question in visitors’ minds that this button will take them to the next page, the next step in the shopping cart process, or to the free deal you promised if they downloaded this white paper today.

Jon Penland recently gave some great tips on how to design better buttons and CTAs for WordPress. As you can see, he often suggests using CSS in order to improve the styling of said buttons. And that brings me to the topic I want to discuss today.

When you use CSS, typically the goal is to customize and refine your design while keeping the code clean. A good way to maintain clean coding and high-quality results is to utilize pre-written CSS frameworks and libraries. If you’re interested in getting that sort of assistance with your button design, there are some absolutely stunning CSS button libraries and collections you can work with.

Stunning CSS Button Libraries and Collections You Need to Check Out

Toolkits and collections are always a good thing to have on hand when you work in web design because:

  • They can help save time in designing from-scratch,
  • They can teach you how to write high-quality CSS code when designing unique elements for your own site, and
  • They also can be a great source of inspiration.

Regardless of the “why,” the following CSS button libraries and collections will no doubt help you create nice-looking buttons for your site:

  • bttn.css

    This button library comes with 13 different button styles, including flat buttons, material design-inspired buttons, 3D buttons, as well as plain-text buttons. In addition, there are a number of settings you can toggle between before settling on any one of these buttons. In addition to being able to adjust color and size, you can make your buttons fit the full-width of the screen as well as to add an outline to improve accessibility.

  • Fresh Buttons

    This CSS button pack is super simple in what it offers, but simple might be all that you need after you see how simple these are to use. There is one button shape offered (the basic rounded rectangle) with two transparency styles. Colors are easy to customize and it looks like you have about nine to play around with.

    Interested in Fresh Buttons?

  • iRaul Pushy Buttons

    Despite this CSS button library’s diminutive size, there may be just enough in here to use if you want a clean and classic button style for your website. Three basic colors are included as are four button sizes. Otherwise, all you have to do is update the button text and then you’re ready to go!

    Interested in iRaul Pushy Buttons?

  • Loup-Brun Buttons

    This collection of CSS buttons is so chockfull of personality, you might not be able to pull your gaze away (or your visitors’!). They’ve included such a diverse range of button styles and animations that you could realistically use this pack of buttons for use across multiple client sites and no one would be the wiser. This collection would also come in handy for A/B testing CTAs as well as tackling future rebrand projects that don’t need to deviate too far from the baseline design.

    Interested in Loup-Brun Buttons?

  • Press.css

    Have you designed your site using Material Design’s guidelines and need help with your buttons? The Press.css library was built specifically for those designers who want every element on their site to remain within the pre-defined styles Google established, including the color palette for Material Design.

  • Unicorn UI Buttons

    This collection of CSS buttons is pretty cool since it includes so much variety despite utilizing a pretty simple color palette. As with other “mega” button libraries, this one would work great for the designer who wants to use these button design options across a variety of sites. With a mix of flat vs. 3D, rounded vs. square-edged, outlined vs. filled, and different animation options to consider, there is more than enough variety to go around.

    Interested in Unicorn UI Buttons?

  • Viavi CSS3 Button Hover Effect

    In this final collection of CSS buttons, you’re going to find more of an emphasis on the hover effects instead of the actual design of the buttons. Aside from the social buttons included in this collection, most of the other buttons have a very simple rectangular design. The reason you’d want this pack is to get all the cool hover animations (there’s so much movement!). If your site could benefit from a pop of excitement, give this one a look.

    Interested in Viavi CSS3 Button Hover Effect?

Wrapping Up

CSS libraries tend to make for a great addition to any workflow—and these button libraries are no different. Whether you need a set of simple buttons to use as a reliable base when creating your own designs or you want a premium library of buttons (or button effects) to give your visitors even more reason to click on them, the nine collections above are a good place to start.

Over to you: When using CSS libraries, do you prefer to use them straight out of the box or do you always like to customize?
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