How Can You Easily Add Custom Typefaces to Your WordPress Site?

How Can You Easily Add Custom Typefaces to Your WordPress Site?

WordPress plugin for adding custom typefaces and fonts to your siteWe’ve got another question for you all WordPress magicians out there in the WPMU community. A reader of this blog by the name of Rick has sent us this query, as part of our WordPress Q & A Sessions. He asks:

Is there a solid, easy-to-use plugin for adding custom typefaces to a WordPress site? There seem to be a number of competing technologies and I’m not sure which is the best solution.

How can I add custom fonts to my WordPress blog in the easiest and least-technical manner possible?


Are you up to speed on the latest typeface and font plugins for WordPress? Have you added custom typography to your own WordPress site? If you have any suggestions for Rick, please share them in the comment section below this article. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it!

We’re still accepting WordPress questions from our readers, so if you haven’t sent us one yet, please do so. Every time we publish a question, the author wins a free membership over at WPMU DEV. Submit your WordPress question here.

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