Add a PayPal Payment or Donation Widget to WordPress

Add a PayPal Payment or Donation Widget to WordPress

We’re always on the hunt for quick and easy solutions for common things that websites require, such as the ability to take quick payments or donations online.

WP Paypal Simple Donation Widget provides a very easy-to-use widget for that purpose. This plugin allows you to choose between 3 standard paypal buttons or even use your own custom button. You can also set a default or minimum amount to be paid and specify the name or a custom payment page from your PayPal account profile. You may also specify a custom URL or page within your website to direct the user to once he has made the donation or payment.

The widget will automatically adapt to the style of your theme, using your CSS so that it becomes a natural part of your website. You can also add custom text or HTML to display within the widget with the payment or donation button.

The WP Paypal Simple Donation Widget plugin is available for free from the WordPress repository.

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