Add Additional Fields to BuddyPress Group Pages

Add Additional Fields to BuddyPress Group Pages

BuddyPress Group Plus is a new plugin that allows you to expand your BuddyPress group pages with more information. It offers two additional/optional fields for your BuddyPress groups:

  • New field allows groups to link to an external website
  • Ability to add an extra field that you define

Here’s a screenshot of an example of how this would appear on the group creation page:

The information from the new fields is then added to the group’s header:

Group admins are able to edit the details:

The plugin’s settings page allows site administrators to customize the labels for the group fields, as well as enable or disable extra fields:

BuddyPress Group Plus is a great way to add a few more customization options for the groups component. Download it for free from the WordPress plugin repository.

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