Add Pinterest Support to the Jetpack Sharing Module

Add Pinterest Support to the Jetpack Sharing Module

The version of Jetpack doesn’t include Pinterest support in the Sharing module. I’ve tried to get in touch with the Jetpack team to find out when Pinterest will be added, but have never heard anything back from them. In the meantime, developer Barry Carlyon has created a plugin that will add a few extra features to Jetpack.

After browsing the Jetpack support forum, he found that many users had been requesting Pinterest support for 6+ months and decided to make this available in a new plugin called Jetpack Extras.

The plugin will grab the featured image from your post or page and automatically add it to the Pin:

Besides Pinterest support, the plugin also includes:

  • Ability to control button placement, above, below, or both of the post content
  • Additional Twitter button elements/arguments, for recommended Twitter account following (via and related)
  • Ability to turn on/off the DNT Twitter button mode

Download the Jetpack Extras plugin if you’d like to get these extra features before Jetpack adds them. Version 1.5 is added as an extra plugin, instead of replacing Jetpack as it did previously:

Many thanks to Barry Carlyon for putting this together. Hey, maybe the Jetpack team can just grab this code and add Pinterest support for everyone? That would be really nice. ;)