Add .html & .php to the URL of WordPress PAGES (not Posts)

Add .html & .php to the URL of WordPress PAGES (not Posts)

Yesterday’s daily tip was about adding .html to the URL of posts by tacking .html onto the end of permalinks.

But that little trick of adding .html to permalinks doesn’t affect the PAGES on your site. It affects the posts, but not pages.

The solution for attaching .html to a Page can be accomplished with a plugin — .html on PAGES is one such plugin.

If you have the need for .php on your Pages, there is also a plugin for that — .php on PAGES.

NOTE: As someone pointed out in the comments on the .html post yesterday, be watchful for any issues that may occur if you are using a caching plugin. Just check things out every now and then to make sure all is working as it should.

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