Approve or Delete WordPress Comments With an iPhone App

Approve or Delete WordPress Comments With an iPhone App

If your email box is full of comment notifications from WordPress, you may need a new system for managing discussion on your site(s). The team at Notificare is rethinking how we interact with these notifications.

It takes time to log into your WordPress dashboard to approve or delete comments. Notificare is a plugin that works with an app on your phone to notify you of new comments on your sites. You can approve comments or mark as spam with a simple push of a button from your phone – no need to log in!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a constantly full inbox, Notificare will help you to get that under control. It makes it fast and convenient for managing WordPress comments from your mobile device. Notificare also incorporates a few other services, such as beanstalk, SendGrid, Twitter and github. In the coming days they will be adding the ability for you to create your own services.

I’m hoping they will also make an Android app as well, but for right now it’s only available for iPhone and iPad users. Notificare is currently in private beta. Watch for it in the iPhone app store and make sure to request an invitation to Notificare on the service’s website.