Ban, Spam and Moderate Commenters Sitewide on WordPress Multisite

Ban, Spam and Moderate Commenters Sitewide on WordPress Multisite

If you’ve ever administered a WordPress Multisite network, then you know how much of a problem spam and sploggers can be, especially when they decide to troll your entire network.

A new plugin from Ipstenu aims to help network admins to keep their comments under control. Sitewide Comment Control lets you ban, spam or moderate unregistered commenters across your network. It doesn’t replace the per-site blacklists but rather adds on to it so that spammers can’t hop around your network to continue spamming.

Sitewide Comment Control has a special “blackhole” feature where you can elect that comments from spammers will be sent to the blackhole, never to be seen. You can also select for them to go to spam or to moderation.

This plugin should help multisite admins save some time from having to spam commenters who start to troll the network after being banned from one site. Download Sitewide Comment Control for free from the WordPress plugin repository.

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