CollabPress Now Supports BuddyPress

CollabPress Now Supports BuddyPress

Last year we featured CollabPress when it first launched. Since that time CollabPress has received many updates and new features.

Today the CollabPress team announced that v1.2 is now available with full BuddyPress support. This means that if you’re running a community site, you can now incorporate full-featured task and project management using CollabPress.

The built-in BuddyPress group support allows you to add projects, task lists, tasks, and comments to any group in your BuddyPress network. CollabPress automatically integrates group members into task assignments so that you can add projects into your groups! Please note that the new BuddyPress features will require BuddyPress v1.5+.

The latest version of the plugin also allows you to assign specific users to each project so that you have full control of user access. Task item priority is also included in v1.2 as a new feature and will be expanded upon in future releases.

Upgrade your copy of CollabPress to take advantage of all the new features.