Easily Clean Up Your Twitter Account

Easily Clean Up Your Twitter Account

Be honest. Do you really read all the tweets from the 12,546 people you follow?


Why not?

OK, never mind the “why not” question.  We know why not. The real question is, “Why do you still have them cluttering up your account?”

Autofollow probably seemed like a good idea when you heard about it, but if you’re like most, you simply aren’t interested in what 12,528 of the 12,546 you follow have to say.

Time for a little Twitter cleaning, and ManageFlitter can you help you do it.

As they say on their website, ManageFlitter can help you do the following:

  • Clean up and manage who you follow.
  • Find out who isn’t following you back.
  • Find out which inactive accounts you follow.
  • Easily search inside your Twitter stream.
  • Link Google+ to your Twitter account.

Go ahead. You know you’ve been dying to do it. Why not get things cleaned up before the new year?

Go to ManageFlitter and do a little digital cleaning.

Photo: rubbish trash illustration of a white background from BigStock, Photo: wissam_ail