Easily Find and Link to Related Content with WordPress

Easily Find and Link to Related Content with WordPress

WordPress has gotten a lot smarter over the years, and one of the nicest little ways that it’s gotten smarter is that it lets you easily find related content to link to on your own site.

Linking to other posts on your site with keyword-rich links is one of the best things you can do for your on-site SEO efforts.

How to Do It

When you have some content in your visual editor, simply highlight whichever word or words you would like to link, and click the link icon.

When you click the link icon, a link dialogue box appears. Simply type your keyword into the search box, and then related content from your site appears below. Click on whichever post you’d like to link to, and everything is filled in automatically. Then simply hit the “Add Link” button.

Photo: Chain Link Close Up from BigStock

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