How to Force WordPress to Empty the Trash

How to Force WordPress to Empty the Trash

I think we can all agree, when working with WordPress there may be times when you want to force it to empty the trash.

This is handy if you’ve deleted a post or page in the past but want to use the same slug for a new version of that page. That slug won’t become available until you empty the trash.

Also, previously we posted a tutorial about how to set your site to automatically empty the trash every few days.

If you want to force it to empty immediately, go to: Dashboard >> Posts and you’ll see “Trash” at the top:

Emptying the trash and bulk deleting couldn't be easier with WordPress


Then, select everything in the trash and click delete permanently.

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Sarah Gooding

Sarah Gooding Sarah is a designer and developer who specializes in WordPress. She and her husband operate Untame, where they build business websites, online stores, and social networks using open-source technologies. She is a former author for WPMU DEV on all things WordPress, Multisite, and BuddyPress.