New Plugin Integrates SugarCRM with WordPress

New Plugin Integrates SugarCRM with WordPress

SugarCRM is an open source CRM. They offer an affordable web-based solution for small and medium-sized businesses. If you use SugarCRM to manage your customers, you may also want to consider integrating your WordPress site with the SugarCRM admin panel for ease of communication back and forth between the two platforms.

The SugarCRM Integration Plugin was developed for SugarCRM community edition and is absolutely free with no restrictions.

Simply enter your SugarCRM server and login data into the settings panel:

Navigate to the “Panel” tab and there you can easily administrate your SugarCRM account directly within the WordPress dashboard:

Download the SugarCRM Integration Plugin from the WordPress repository. More information is available on the plugin’s homepage. Comments in English are welcome and will be replied to in English as well.