Replace Boring Lorem Ipsum Dummy Text with Cupcake Ipsum Yum!

Replace Boring Lorem Ipsum Dummy Text with Cupcake Ipsum Yum!

When building websites and testing plugins and themes, we all need the help of lorem ipsum from time to time to fill out the space. Are you tired of that dusty old Latin text? Now you can replace it with Cupcake Ipsum!

Cupcake Ipsum is a new app made for generating yummy cupcake dummy text.

Select the number of paragraphs you want to use, choose between long, medium and short, and then choose if you’d like to begin the paragraph with “CUPCAKE IPSUM DOLOR SIT AMET”. You can also elect to sprinkle the word love into your paragraphs.

Here’s a quick sample:

Chocolate cake cookie pie halvah liquorice cheesecake chocolate carrot cake. Cotton candy icing sesame snaps muffin tiramisu halvah fruitcake cheesecake. Tart apple pie bonbon powder. Candy chocolate bar soufflé jujubes icing muffin dessert chocolate croissant. Tart apple pie gingerbread pastry jujubes cake tiramisu donut. Marzipan lemon drops ice cream liquorice sesame snaps. Faworki brownie icing fruitcake cupcake donut. Soufflé jelly macaroon candy canes oat cake gummi bears. Cupcake carrot cake lollipop toffee.

Isn’t that far more appetizing than “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit..”? Dummy content doesn’t have to be boring! Bookmark the Cupcake Ipsum site for the next time you need a piece of tasty text!

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