Stop Yourself from Looking Stupid [WordPress RSS Plugin]

Stop Yourself from Looking Stupid [WordPress RSS Plugin]

Every blogger experiences it. You proofread your post multiple times. Satisfied that you’ve caught all your mistakes, you hit publish. Re-reading the published post one more time, you notice yet ANOTHER mistake. Sometimes it’s even a big one. And sometimes it’s one that makes you look really dumb.

It happens to me almost daily.

But no big deal, right? You’ve caught the mistake within literally thirty seconds of publishing it. You’re quite sure that you’re the only one who’s read the post.

What you’re forgetting, of course, is your RSS feed. Your mistake has just gone out to all your subscribers.

The answer to this problem is simple: a plugin called Feed Delay.

It’s a simple plugin that does exactly what you would expect – it allows you to automatically delay publishing your feed. You can delay it by one minute or ten-thousand months (not recommended). It’s up to you.

You can download the Feed Delay plugin here.

Photo: Embarrassed Emoticon from BigStock