Use Keyboard Shortcuts for WordPress Comment Moderation

Use Keyboard Shortcuts for WordPress Comment Moderation

Did you realize that you can use keyboard shortcuts to help you moderate comments on your site?

Once you get used to it, you’ll never go back to using your mouse for this task.

First you will need to enable the keyboard shortcuts through your profile page. (Users > Your Profile)

Then go to your comments section. The individual comment section will be color-coded.

  • Blue = This is the comment you are currently moderating.
  • Yellow = This comment needs to be moderated.
  • White = This comment has already been moderated.

Shortcut Keys for Comment Moderation

Below are the shortcut keys you will need for moderating comments

Moving Up and Down

  • j – move down to the next comment
  • k – move up to the previous comment

Taking Action

  • a – approves comment – (“a” for approve)
  • s – “spams it” – marks it as spam – (“s” for spam it)
  • d – deletes it (send it to the trash) – (“d” for delete it)
  • z – restores the comment from the trash – think of the “z” as zigzagging back in the other direction – (“z” for zigzag)

These are the main keys you will need, but if you would like to see more, you can check out the full documentation on WP here.


Photo: abstract keyboard ball from BigStock