We’ve Got New Categories and RSS Feeds at WPMU.org

We’ve Got New Categories and RSS Feeds at WPMU.org

We decided to add in a few new categories to our main navigation to help our readers get around the site a little easier. Here’s a quick overview of the new additions:


We’ve added this new category to make it easy for readers to browse our interviews with some of the top innovators and entrepreneurs in the WordPress community.


At wpmu.org we love to showcase excellent websites on the web that are powered by WordPress and BuddyPress. Check out this category if you’re in need of some quick inspiration!


Who doesn’t love freebies? We make it our business to keep you informed of the latest themes and plugins available for WordPress. Many of those are free, and this new category is where you’ll find them.

Along with the new categories we’ve added category-specific RSS feeds so that our readers can now subscribe to their particular interests, without getting the whole feed. You’ll find the new RSS feed links on the category pages:

Make sure you’re subscribed to all of your favorite categories or grab the main feed so you don’t miss a thing!

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