Where to Find Official WordPress Logos

Where to Find Official WordPress Logos

If you’ve ever wanted to use a WordPress logo on your site, you can go right to the source and get one:


For some reason, WordPress likes to make a big deal about what a “good” WordPress logo is and what a “bad” WordPress logo is.


They also say the following about colors, “When reproducing WordPress artwork in print or online, your project will look its best if you use this official WordPress color palette.”

I beg to differ. And so that’s why I’ve changed the colors up in the graphic on this post. I’ve also made them glaring and brash for good measure. No doubt somebody’s head is exploding right this very moment.

To be honest, all this nitpicking seems silly to me. Isn’t WordPress (at least in part) supposed to be about opening things up and being original?


You can still go to this link and get some logos. There are lots of different sizes and file types available, including PNG files, PDF files, and Photoshop PSD files.