WordPress.org is Joining the January 18th Internet Blackout

WordPress.org is Joining the January 18th Internet Blackout

In case you haven’t heard, WordPress.org has decided to join the January 18th internet blackout in protest of SOPA / PIPA. According to Jane Wells, “It will be an interstitial blackout screen, not a full shutdown.” That means you’ll still be able to download plugins and reach the codex and find everything that you need.

There’s no doubt that WordPress.org’s participation in the blackout will serve to increase awareness across the web. WordPress joins many other major websites in the blackout, including Wikipedia, Reddit, Mozilla, MoveOn.org, icanhazCheezburger Network, and Good.is, to name a few.

There’s still time to jump in on this protest and make a difference. Check out our recent post for a list of plugins that will help you go dark automatically:

7 WordPress Plugins to Fight SOPA / PIPA

Grab a plugin today and let your site’s visitors know where you stand!

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