WordPress Plugin to Delete ALL Spam Comments in One Click

WordPress Plugin to Delete ALL Spam Comments in One Click


Have you ever had a site overrun by spam, even when you’ve turned comments completely off? Maybe it’s a site you don’t visit often or an old site you want to get back to. Or maybe it’s a client’s site that doesn’t get much attention on the back end.

In some cases you may have hundreds or even thousands of spam comments to delete.

If you’ve ever experienced this, then the Delete Pending Comments plugin is for you.

How It Works

After activating the plugin, just click “Delete Pending Comments” under the Comments section in your Admin area.

Once on the plugin’s page, you will see a very simple form.

Simply copy the sentence, “I am sure I want to delete all pending comments and realize this can’t be undone,” paste it into the box, and then hit Delete Pending Comments.

Voila! All spam comments are gone, even if you have thousands of them.

You can download the Delete Pending Comments plugin here.

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