Dear Santa: My WordPress Wish List

Dear Santa: My WordPress Wish List

As Christmas nears, I have begun thinking about my WordPress Wish List. This is a list of some things I would like to see from WordPress one day. These 25 wishes are not likely to arrive by the 25th of December … but maybe one day.

Now, granted, some of these things may seem pretty picky. And I get it that not everything can be built into the core of WordPress. But this is a personal wish list. So if some things seem a little ridiculous, so be it.


1. Would like a better support forum – i.e. easier to search, more help from the community (i.e. more questions answered)

2. Wish topics on the forum that haven’t been resolved didn’t get closed or marked as resolved

Plugins & Widgets & What Should be Built In

3. Anti-spam built in

4. Better author’s section by default

5. Local avatar upload by default

6. Avatar/profile widget by default

7. Make conditional widgets part of the core

8. Make it so that dragging a widget anywhere into the right hand column of the widget page makes it stick (i.e. make it so you don’t have to drag it to the top-right side … just the right side – it’s a pain trying to scroll and drag at the same time)

9. Would like to have a delete button for plugins even when they’re activated

10. Wish all plugin developers would put a link to the “Settings” page or to the “Widgets” page, etc. – whichever the plugin uses. Some put their configurations in Settings, some in  Tools, some create a whole new menu, some just need a widget placed somewhere, and some don’t have or need any settings page.

11. Eliminate – Plugin Homepages that are simply a blog with no centralized data about the plugin

12. Eliminate – When you search for the exact name of a plugin in the dashboard that you know is in the Plugin Directory and it doesn’t come up

13. Built in option to automatically change a full post to an excerpt … in other words, don’t leave it to the theme

14. Better WP forum – bbPress is still lacking … something like Simple Press Forum would be nice

Admin Sections / Dashboard / Default Install

15. Would like to have a Main Menu section for Categories on the Admin Menu (it’s currently under Posts)

16. Not so much WordPress junk on the default install – links, etc.

17. Not so much WordPress junk in the dashboard – customizable dashboard by default

18. A login page that doesn’t have a big WordPress logo and link to WordPress

19. Users see only their posts in the back end

20. Users see only their comments in the back end

21. Wish you could search for users by their nickname (seems that if they change it from the default nickname, they don’t show up when you search for them)

22. The ability to create new files for your theme in the back end editor


23. Wish I didn’t have to wrestle with the editor to get it to style things right and not strip out HTML randomly

24. Better visual editor in general – more stable feeling and not so buggy. Sometimes it’s fine, of course, but sometimes not.

25. Would like to be able to use Bulk Actions to remove posts from a category and put them in another category


>> What’s on your WordPress Wish List? Let us know in the comments. You never know who may be reading.



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