Dear Vimeo,

It’s hard to put this any other way, but I really really have the hots for you.

It’s always been that way, heck you even had to kick me out back when you didn’t have your Pro stuff going on, but as soon as I heard that was available we were back like, well, pretty bloody quickly.

You just do stuff so well, so crisp, so clean, so elegant, so intelligent.

But, dammit, there’s something coming between us, and it’s not me, it’s you. You and your horrendous https failings.


I’ve written you a poem about it:

Our pages load with a lovely green bar
Our visitors keen to shop
But all they need do is hover
Over one of your embeds
That turns our green bar yellow
And makes them fucking stop

I hope you liked it.

Because Vimeo, it’s just not good enough, you can’t be ‘working on‘ something as simple as this for 3 years, that’s even longer than we’ve been holding out on some Pro Sites requests!

And I don’t want to leave, I don’t wanna do the dance of Viddler, Wistia or Vzarr, not again, Vimeo, don’t make me leave again.

I  mean, I’ll probably come back, but moving all those videos is such a righteous pain in the arse, don’t put me through that again.

Pretty please,

Lots of love,


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