Debug This: A New Debugging Tool For WordPress Developers

Debug This: A New Debugging Tool For WordPress Developers

Here’s a new plugin to add to your WordPress developer toolbox. Debug This gives WordPress super admins the ability to access debugging information through the admin bar on any page. Not only does it display errors, it also gives you a succinct summary of what scripts, styles, actions, filters, queries, etc. are active on the selected page.

Debug This displays valuable debugging information in a tidy, readable screen that’s easy to close out.

These are just a few of the debug modes included in the plugin:

  • oEmbed providers
  • Post attachments
  • Variety of WP_Query modes
  • Variety of PHP modes (defined functions, constants, classes, phpinfo, etc…)
  • Users (Current author, all users)
  • Cron
  • Cache
  • Registered image sizes
  • Post types
  • Menus, Widgets, Sidebars
  • Rendered page analysis (CSS, JS, Images)

The advantage of using this plugin is that the debugging information is only seen by super admins and only on demand through the admin bar. It doesn’t mess up your site for visitors who may be viewing at the same time that you are debugging. It’s also much more comprehensive than your basic debugging that only displays errors.

The Debug This FAQ page lists a number of ways that developers can extend the plugin, including adding new debug modes, filters you can use to customize Debug This, how to access the built-in JS functionality and much more. Debug This is available from the WordPress plugin repository. Add it to any site where you want to get a quick peek behind the scenes.