Breathe Freely! Your Security with WPMU DEV is Stronger Than Ever

Breathe Freely! Your Security with WPMU DEV is Stronger Than Ever

Is WordPress security a big deal to you and your clients? Why would I ask such a silly question? Because our security suite has new superpowers including Defender location-based IP blocking and Automate Safe Upgrade scans…now on up to 5 pages.

What’s the WPMU DEV Security Suite, you Ask?

We’ve built a fierce set of WordPress protectors to help ward off core, plugin, and theme attacks, minimize downtime, clear blacklisting, and backups that restore your services in case of emergency. If you are not familiar with our security hero lineup here’s an overview:

  • Defender – He’s the brute-squad of WordPress security optimization. 2-factor authentication, audit logs, security tweaks, 404 and IP lockout, blacklist monitoring, scans, security recommendations and more.
  • Automate – Most successful hacks are the result of out-of-date software – core, plugins, or theme files. Automate make sure your site is always up-to-date. And he uses Safe Upgrade to ensure the updates won’t break your site. It’s safer and a huge time saver.
  • Snapshot – He’s got your backups covered. Scheduled and on-demand backups that include 10GB of secure cloud storage.
  • 24/7 Hero Support – Has your site already been hacked? We have experts standing by to help with the cleanup and restoration.
  • Managed Hosting – If most successful hacks come from out-of-date software. The other half is unsecure hosting. Our members now get 3 free hosted sites built with the ultimate in speed and security in mind (more on that in the coming months).

If you’re not running Defender, Automate, along with our complete security toolkit get started free now. Then come back and see how the new features work.

Defender Geo-Based IP Lockout

While working on the Roadmap Roundup I realized we hadn’t properly introduced Defender 2.1 and its fancy new features. While 2.1 one is not completely new (I’m sure you’ve familiarized yourself with the UX improvements and hero hidder), the big addition is Geo-based IP Lockout.

That’s fancy talk for blocking users based on the country they’re located in. If you don’t expect or want traffic from a specific country, blocking the IP will protect your site entirely from unwanted hackers and bots.

This could be great for a local service-based business looking to eliminate spam requests or hack attempts from foreign countries.

And it really couldn’t be easier to set up.

In Defender’s IP Lockout module under IP Banning you’ll find a new Locations setting. Just click to Download for the latest Geo IP Database.

Defender Geo-location IP Lockout
Click download to get started.

It only takes a few seconds. Then pick the countries you want to include or exclude from having access to your site. It’s that easy!

Country select for geo-location IP ban in Defender
Pick the countries you want to ban or whitelist.

It’s one more way Defender makes complex security features easy for the everyday WordPress user.

Automate Safe Upgrade Technology X5

Not so long ago, the idea of running automated WordPress updates was laughable. Especially on complex sites with multiple integrations. “What if the update crashes my whole site and I’m not there to fix it?

This made managing WordPress updates, especially across tens or hundreds of sites, a nightmare.

Automate changes all that. When a core, plugin, or theme update is detected, Automate runs a Snapshot backup, updates your site, and uses Safe Upgrade to scan your home page for changes. If your site breaks it will notify you so you can revert to the previous version.

Hundreds of thousands of sites are now using Automate with Safe Upgrade.

It’s pretty awesome, but we wanted to make it even Safer. So now you can apply the Safe Upgrade scan to 5 pages of your choice.

Take a look see!

Visit the Automate tab in the Hub and scroll to the Settings. Under Perform Safe Upgrade Check click the Home page option.

Automate Performance Safe Upgrade Check.
Add pages to the Performance Safe Upgrade Check.

In the popup module, add your five most valued pages and save.

Add extra pages to check in with Automate Safe Upgrade
Choose pages to scan with Safe Upgrade.

Now Automate will scan and report on each of the pages you’ve added. And if anything goes wrong during an upgrade, you can revert to the previous version.

With Automate, you don’t have to sacrifice safety or convenience.

WPMU DEV Gives you a Stronger Faster WordPress

We know security is not one-size fits all and not everyone can afford a team of security experts. So we’ve made Defender free on Including Geo-location IP lockout.

But if you’re not sure and really want to try WPMU DEV’s pro tools packaged with 24/7 support and expert site cleanup, then sign up for a membership free trial. Enjoy!

We want to hear from you! Share your favorite WPMU DEV security feature in the comments.
Aileen Javier
Aileen Javier A past writer for WPMU DEV