Discover Your Hidden Market by Analyzing Google Top Search Queries

Discover Your Hidden Market by Analyzing Google Top Search Queries

Top Search Queries is one of the most useful services provided by Google Webmaster Tools. It provides you with detailed information about when your site pops up in their search engine and what pages are attracting clicks. Specifically, you’ll find out:

  • The total number of Google Web Search queries that returned pages from your site results over the given period.
  • The top search queries that returned pages from your site.
  • Impressions: The number of times pages from your site were viewed in search results.
  • Clicks: The number of times your site’s listing was clicked in search results for a particular query.
  • CTR (clickthrough rate): The percentage of impressions that resulted in a click to your site.

3 Steps to Maximize Your Google Search Query Traffic and Increase Your Clickthrough Rate

If you don’t have access to Google Webmaster Tools, it’s very easy to set up. Follow our Quick Start Guide to Using Google Webmaster Tools With WordPress and you can activate the free service in under two minutes. Make sure you’re also hooked up to Google Analytics. You’ll now have access to information that will help you to discover what people are looking for when they find your website.

Step 1. Use Google Webmaster Tools to find out what queries are resulting in traffic to your website.

Immediately when you sign into your account you will see your top search queries in the dashboard. Click on “more” just underneath the queries to see a full detailed graph. You’ll be able to sort your traffic by country, date, and search types.

Make note of the impressions (number of times your page is viewed in search results) vs. clicks (number of times your page was clicked for that query).

Step 2. Sift the Data for Valuable Information.

Don’t worry. You won’t need to be an SEO expert to analyze this data. Here’s what a sample looks like:

So, let’s say you’ve got 4600 impressions due to people searching for “lollipop candy” and a 3% clickthrough rate. That’s great if you’re a candy supplier, but it’s not so hot if you’re an investment banking firm who happened to use a lollipop image in a blog post. You can disregard that information, even though it’s brought you a bit of traffic.

Focus on the queries that are the most relevant to your industry, even if they’re not exactly what you’ve determined to be your main focus. For example, you’re operating a store that sells bags, shoes, and other accessories but you’re getting loads of traffic from the query “matching eyeshadow”. If you can find a way to relate this to your industry, then you may have found a small gold mine.

Step 3: Actively promote products and content related to your most relevant top search queries.

  • Write more content to establish your business as an industry expert. If your site is getting tons of search queries from terms that you’re not currently focusing on, it may be time to change your focus. Give that hidden market a reason to stay, click through and buy your brand by focusing more on offering what your users are going to your site to find.
  • Feature products that are relevant to what people are searching for. There is only so much real estate on your front page but a good look at your queries will tell you exactly what is driving buyers to your catalog of products and services.
  • Consider adding new products that may be accessories to your main product line. If your site has solid search engine positioning and a decent clickthrough rate for items related to your main line, it may be profitable to expand your offerings into related areas.


Google’s top search query results can help you to formulate an aggressive strategy to increase your clickthroughs and bump up your sales with a few tweaks. A thoughtful combination of content creation, product selection, and placement will not only improve your traffic but should also make your site more focused and keep you competitive. Reconsider your site’s focus and your social media strategy. Is your content descriptive of the top queries that are leading potential customers to your website? Or is there a possibility that your top sales demographic may be lurking just beneath the surface? Take a little time today to check out your top search queries and see if you can’t find a hidden market just waiting to be tapped.