Display Upcoming Birthdays in BuddyPress With New Easy-to-Use Widget

Display Upcoming Birthdays in BuddyPress With New Easy-to-Use Widget

Let your users wish each other a happy birthday! There’s a new BuddyPress plugin this month that makes it possible to easily display your users’ upcoming birthdays in the sidebar of your site.

Many people rely on Facebook or online birthday services to remember their friends’ birthdays. In this digital age, when users have an ever-widening circle of friends online, their primary social network can play a key role in helping them remember important dates. Check out the TDLC Birthdays plugin for a quick way to add this functionality to your BuddyPress site. The newest version is compatible with BuddyPress 1.2.3.

TDLC Birthday Plugin Options:

  • Show all birthdays or only friends’ birthdays
  • Display birthdays happening in the next x number of days
  • Display or hide ages

How to Add Birthday Updates to BuddyPress:

1. Add a birthday field in the Buddypress extended profile settings
2. Users must fill it out the birthday field in their profiles for it to work
3. Install the TDLC Birthdays, activate, and drag the birthday widget to the sidebar

This is what the widget looks when there are users with upcoming birthdays:

Displaying upcoming birthdays in BuddyPress.
Display upcoming birthdays in BuddyPress.

If you’re willing to do a little editing, you could use this plugin to display wedding dates on a wedding site, graduation dates, pregnancy due dates, any date that may be an important common relational factor for your users.

When your project is on a budget, sometimes re-purposing a plugin with similar functionality to what you need is a good option for customizing your site.

Simply edit the tdlc-birthdays.php file and you’ve got custom user-selected dates displayed for your site’s needs.

Update: Last time we checked, the plugin hadn’t been updated for a while. If the above plugin doesn’t work for you, check out BP Birthday Greetings.

BP Birthday Greetings WordPress plugin for BuddyPress.
BP Birthday Greetings WordPress plugin for BuddyPress.

BP Birthday Greetings does something very similar to the TDLC Birthdays plugin. It displays a list of members’ birthdays and sends out a birthday greeting notification to members.

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