Display WordPress Categories in a Fancy Grid Style Gallery

Display WordPress Categories in a Fancy Grid Style Gallery

After you’ve seen enough WordPress blogs, you might start to think that they all look alike with similar displays of posts, categories, and archives.

Want to do something a little more creative with your content? Check out the Category Grid View Gallery plugin. It offers you a visual way to display categories on your WordPress site. The plugin generates a grid view of the categories by grabbing the first images from posts within those categories.

Here’s a screenshot of Category Grid View Gallery in action, taken from the live demo:

Highly configurable shortcode makes it easy to customize the gallery display

The best feature of this plugin is that it’s very easy for anyone to implement – simply paste in the shortcode on the page where you want the category grid gallery to display. The shortcode gives you the ability to:

  • Control which category to show
  • Number of posts to show
  • Posts to exclude
  • Size of the thumbnail
  • Whether or not to show the title
  • Category ordering options
  • Quality of thumbnails
  • Show posts only with specific tags
  • …and many more

Besides a highly configurable shortcode, the plugin also has a few more excellent features. Thumbnails are generated on the fly and dynamically resized for you, which is a huge time saver. The plugin’s author has built in a caching feature to reduce the load on the server. You also have the option to display posts in a popup lightbox-style window on click.

If you need a new creative way to display your blog, photo gallery, portfolio or featured posts, give the Category Grid View Gallery plugin a try. Download it for free from the WordPress plugin repository.

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