Do the new ‘Dynamic Views’ put Blogger ahead of

Do the new ‘Dynamic Views’ put Blogger ahead of

Blogger blogs have had a pretty dramatic makeover – almost a kind of ‘appification’ – here’s the announcement.

And here are the new looks:

It’s a pretty interesting move by Blogger, a platform that has arguably seen the least innovation in the entire field since it’s acquisition by Google back in the day.

Especially so, from my perspective, as we’ve been having some really interesting internal discussions at Incsub regarding web v app v web app, stemming from this article by Firefox co-creator, Joe Hewitt.

Very much of interest though will be how – or if – Automattic and respond to the move.

Along with whether (or, indeed, when) we’ll see these kind of themes and options coming out of the WordPress premium theme market.

So, what do you reckon – do the new designs give Blogger the edge over