Keep Your WordPress Clients in Check with Easy Admin Notification

Keep Your WordPress Clients in Check with Easy Admin Notification

Easy Admin NotificationWorking with clients who are perhaps less WordPress savvy than you’d like them to be can be frustrating at times. They have a habit of fiddling where they should not fiddle. Under many circumstances, granting them limited access is the right thing to do.

But there will always be a chance of them screwing something up, and that is where Easy Admin Notification may be able to help. As you might expect, this plugin allows you to easily place a customized message within the WordPress backend.

Easy Admin Notification
Like this.

The settings give you some control over the message, namely:

  1. Whether it is displayed as an error or notification
  2. Whether the end user has an option to hide the message
  3. Where the message is displayed (either all pages, or dashboard only)

There are numerous potential application for this plugin – keeping rogue clients in check is just one of them. What would be nice to see from this plugin is the ability to include messages on particular pages only – for instance, you could include a pre-publishing checklist on the post screen.

As it is, the plugin offers up functionality that is relatively easy to put in place manually, but it has the potential to offer a lot more. For that reason, I gave it a three star rating in the plugins repository. It is a brand new release, so here’s hoping that future updates will extend its functionality.