Edit WordPress Posts on the Front End with the Raptor Editor

Edit WordPress Posts on the Front End with the Raptor Editor

If you love WordPress but are totally uninspired by creating content within the dashboard, you may want to try editing your posts inline on the frontend. Raptor Editor is a free, open source WordPress front end editor, created to be very user-friendly for content editors. WordPress users can take advantage of the editor by installing the Raptor Editor plugin for WordPress. Once activated, this plugin enables you to preview your post live as you’re writing it. This is perfect for clients or new WordPress users who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the regular WordPress post editor.

Here’s what the Raptor Editor looks like when writing a post:

You also have access to the media library when editing posts on the frontend, so there’s no need to go back into the dashboard to upload images:

Raptor Editor features:

  • Removes the need to have two tabs open to perfect your post content and layout – with Raptor Editor fully integrated into WordPress, one can write and update WordPress posts in-place!
  • Use Raptor Editor on the main post editing screen, dashboard quick edit and even when viewing your posts in place.
  • WP Raptor combines the power of Raptor Editor with WordPress’ inbuilt media library. Upgrade your WordPress editing capability without losing access to your existing media library!

Try out a live demo on the Raptor Editor site to see how easy it is to edit posts from the front end.

As you can see, the Raptor Editor makes dramatic changes to the content editing experience within WordPress. It’s a much more efficient and user-friendly approach to editing that saves you a couple clicks, especially when performing quick changes. Make life easier for yourself or your clients by installing the Raptor Editor WordPress plugin today. It’s available for free from the plugin repository.