Edublogs iOS App Now Available on github

Edublogs iOS App Now Available on github

Last month we released the Official Edublogs iPad and iPhone App. It provides a fancy interface for Edublogs Pro, upgraded, and Campus bloggers to sign in, write posts, upload photos, and manage comments easily from their iOS devices. We think you’ll agree that the experience is pretty slick.

Here’s a screenshot of the app’s login page:

Posting photos from your iPhone is quick and intuitive:

Editing comments on the iPad is easy as pie:

The app is based on the WordPress for iOS app – but we tailored it a bit for our needs. One of the most important customizations beyond the logos and the removal of links to, is that when using this app, our users don’t have to fiddle with cumbersome XML-RPC settings due to how we have it setup. There is some server-side magic on our end to make that happen as well.

Create your own WordPress app…

We’ve just made the Edublogs iOS app available on github so anyone can grab the files and use our customizations. You can use it to make your own WordPress app, just like the Edublogs one.

The Edublogs iOS app is free in the App store, so give it a download and take it for a test drive. We think you’ll be impressed. Thinking about creating your own WordPress app? Let us know in the comments how you plan to use the source code.