Embed Tweets and YouTube Videos: Coming Soon to WordPress

Embed Tweets and YouTube Videos: Coming Soon to WordPress

It will soon be easier than ever to quickly embed tweets and videos directly into your self-hosted WordPress posts – but only if you use Jetpack.

The Media Explorer for WordPress.com accounts has been updated to allow users to add trending content from Twitter and YouTube to their posts, all from within the post editor.

WordPress.com Media Explorer
The WordPress.com Media Explorer now allows you to add tweets from within the post editor. Coming soon to Jetpack!

The Insert Tweet window allows you to search for tweets by keyword or hashtag, by tweets to or form a specific users and by geographic location, and add one or more tweets to your post.

This is especially helpful for bloggers and news websites that want to quickly pull tweets from people at a breaking news event. According to WordPress.com, “the geographic search is the next best thing to having someone there.”

The Insert YouTube feature changes how you find and add video. Instead of opening a separate tab so you can search YouTube for a video and then copy and paste the embed code into your post, you can now use the Media Explorer to find a video and easily embed it into your post.

While WordPress.com users can enjoy these features now, Automattic code wrangler Paul Gibbs said the updated Media Explorer would be coming to Jetpack “soon” for self-hosted WordPress sites.

Check out the video below for a walkthrough of how embeds look like at WordPress.com:

The project was a collaboration between WordPress.com VIP and Code For The People. CFTP’s John Blackbourn goes into more detail about the project in a post at WordPress.com VIP.

“There’s no HTML, no shortcode, no dialog box or Settings page – just the magic of oEmbed, baked right into WordPress core,” Blackbourn says.

“The end goal was to make retrieving externally-hosted content as easy as retrieving items from your own site’s Media Library, without even having to open another browser tab.”

The Media Explorer code is available at GitHub if you want to check it out.

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Image credits: WordPress.comJefferyTurner.