How to Publish Your Facebook Page Photos to Your WordPress Blog

How to Publish Your Facebook Page Photos to Your WordPress Blog

How to Publish Your Facebook Page Photos to Your WordPress BlogSo here’s the deal that most of you already know – your blog should act as your online “hub”. Meanwhile, your social media accounts are “outposts” which should ultimately draw people to your blog. One of the ways in which you can do this is to effectively integrate your social media accounts with your blog.

There are of course many ways in which you can effect this integration. The most obvious method is to simply link to your social media accounts from your blog. But you can certainly get more imaginative – and that is where the Facebook Page Photo Gallery plugin comes in.

Facebook Photos on Your Blog

The basic functionality of this plugin is pretty obvious – it allows you to populate a blog post or page with images from any public Facebook page gallery. But it executes said functionality in a very attractive manner:

Facebook Page Photo Gallery

Facebook Page Photo Gallery

Although the default display will be suitable for many, there are an enormous wealth of customization options available:

  • Number of images to display
  • Thumbnail appearance
  • Lightbox appearance
  • Animation settings
  • Behavior settings

Facebook Page Photo Gallery basically allows you to display images in whatever fashion you like (within reasonable bounds). If your Facebook account is highly graphical then providing links to a selection of your images can be a great teaser – perhaps enough to convince people to like you. And that is of course the key!

Download Facebook Page Photo Gallery here.

Creative Commons image courtesy of YooTheme

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