Featured WordPress Plugin: Admin Menu Editor

Featured WordPress Plugin: Admin Menu Editor

Admin Menu Editor lets you directly edit the admin menu. You are able to re-order, hide, rename menus and add custom menus.

It’s a handy plugin to have if you have a big admin menu, and also if you are using WordPress as a CMS. It will also let you decide which menus different types of users can see, allowing you more control over your site.

screenshot of admin menu editorFeatures

  • Edit existing menus, including titles, access rights, and icons
  • Drap and drop to easily sort menus
  • Cut and Paste menus to different submenus
  • Hide or show menu items
  • Create custom menus

Our Mini Review

While this plugin is a bit more complex than other menu editors, it offers you a great degree of flexibility when it comes to your menus. If you have a lot of users then it’s good to be able to restrict their access to different parts of the site. Also, you might want to remove menus to make your site a little bit more streamlined. There is a Pro version of this plugin that lets you import and export menu configurations, open menu items in new windows, and use shortcodes in the dashboard.

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