Featured WordPress Plugin: AntiVirus

Featured WordPress Plugin: AntiVirus

screenshot of AntiVirus WordPress Plugin backdoor checkHave you got antivirus for your WordPress website? While WordPress is generally a stable and safe platform there are occasionally threats due to things like loopholes in your theme.

The Antivirus plugin looks at all of the sections of your template and also performs a permalink backdoor check.


  • Manual testing with immediate results
  • Daily automatic check with email notifications
  • Whitelist
  • Clean up after install plugin
  • English, German, Italian, Persian, Russian

Our Mini Review

Screenshot of antivirus wordpress plugin

To be honest, I hadn’t really thought about protecting my blog against spamming software. But yes, there are malicious pieces of code that can attack your website. Obviously you should keep your installation updated to ensure that you are protected but the AntiVirus Plugin is another level of protection for your WordPress website. It’s easy to set up and the daily automatic check is a great feature.