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Featured WordPress Plugin: NextGEN Gallery

Featured WordPress Plugin: NextGEN Gallery

This week is going to be all about images. Pretty much everyone uses images somewhere on their WordPress website.

And there are plenty of people using photoblogs to dedicate their whole website to their images. Let’s start with one of the big ones.

screenshot of NExtGen GalleryNextGEN Gallery has been downloaded nearly 2.5 million times and has spawned a whole load of other plugins that interact with it. It was developed by Alex Rabe who studied all of the different image galleries in the directory and decided to develop one with a simple back end administration that could handle multiple galleries.


  • Add custom templates for your theme
  • Add the Cooliris Effect to your gallery
  • Allocate roles to different authors
  • AJAX-based thumbnail generator with no more server limitation during the batch process
  • Copy or move images between galleries
  • Create different albums
  • Upload pictures via a zip-file (Not in Safe-mode)
  • Watermark function
  • Javascript effects
  • Multiple CSS Stylesheets
  • Fully integrated slideshow using jQuery or Flash
  • TinyMCE – button integration to easily had gallery tags
  • Sidebar Widget
  • Translated into more than 30 languages
  • Translation downloader
  • Integrated with image uploaders
  • Tag support for images
  • Meta data support
  • Sort images feature
  • Get some cool flash add-ons

screenshot of nextgen gallery

Our Mini Review

NextGEN Gallery is so popular for a reason. It’s so easy to use and has loads of different functions that make your life easier. I love that you can upload a zip file containing your images, I love the intergration with the uploader, I love how easy it is to insert galleries. With a bit of playing around you can get a really professional image gallery on your WordPress website. Great stuff!