Featured WordPress Plugin: Pull This

Featured WordPress Plugin: Pull This

Pull quotes are a great way to break up text-heavy posts. They help to visually break up long chunks of text and highlight important quotes or pieces of information from the post.

People often skim posts and using pull quotes ensures your reader will catch the information you want them to.

The Pull This WordPress plugin lets you do just that.

screenshot of pullquote WordPress plugin


  • use shortcodes to insert a pull quote
  • can add multiple pull quotes into the same post.
  • easy installation

Our Mini Review

I’m always trying to find extra images to break up my posts and using a pull quote is a great way to do it without having to use extraneous images. This plugin is easy to set up, install and use. It uses shortcodes to prevent your pull quotes from being transformed into an ugly mess by RSS readers. For future updates, I’d love to see options to let users style the CSS of the quotes.

Note: Although the WordPress plugin directory states that “this plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress,” we recently tested it (January 2020) and the plugin worked fine.

If you’d like to use a more recent plugin for inserting pull quotes into your content, try installing Simple Pull Quote. This plugin also lets you insert multiple pull quotes into your content and you can customize the look of your pull quotes using CSS. Note: use the ‘Classic’ block in the Gutenberg editor.