Fight Internet Censorship by Turning Your WordPress Site Into a Proxy

Fight Internet Censorship by Turning Your WordPress Site Into a Proxy

In light of the recent worldwide internet protests against SOPA / PIPA, I’d like to introduce the RePress Project. RePress is a WordPress plugin for those just radical enough to actually do something about censorship. It’s a tool that gives average WordPress users the power to make a difference, especially for websites that have already been censored.

Here’s the RePress plugin in a nutshell:

This plugin allows you to circumvent internet censorship by proxying traffic to websites that have been blocked by repressive regimes.

After you add the plugin, your website will begin to function as a proxy to uncensor any blocked site that you specify. Here’s what the options page looks like:

Greenhost, a hosting provider in the Netherlands, decided to write this software after a court ruled in the Netherlands, requiring ISPs to block They believe strongly in the free flow of information and are working to keep the web open and free. This plugin is part of that initiative. The aim is to uncensor websites for people in oppressive regimes like Iran, Syria or the USA if SOPA is passed.

The plugin offers you the ability to maintain a list of websites you’d like to keep open and freely available on the web. Users can pass freely through the links on your website to censored sites on the web:

View the RePress Examples page to see how the links work.

Be advised, as noted on the RePress website: This is EXPERIMENTAL ALPHA software which comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRENTY.

RePress will soon be in the WordPress plugin repository. For now you can download it from: It’s one small, yet practical way that you can help to keep the web open and free. Many thanks to the folks at Greenhost for their time and effort in creating this plugin for WordPress.