Find Out What People Are Searching For on Your WordPress Site

Find Out What People Are Searching For on Your WordPress Site

Good site analytics can tell you what terms users enter to find your website but once they have found you, how do you know that you are providing the information, products or services that they are looking for? If you have a search bar on your site that doesn’t give visitors the results they’re looking for, they will simply look to another site – maybe your competition’s website. Keeping track of the terms your users enter in your search bar can help you customize your site’s content to more consistently provide the information that your visitor wants.

Search Meter is a plugin for WordPress that automatically tracks and records what people on your site are searching for and, more importantly, if they are finding what they are looking for. After you install and activate it, Search Meter will help you find out what people are searching for so you can optimize your content to be found by visitors.

To access your statistics, simply log in to your WordPress Admin, go to the Dashboard and click on the Search Meter to see the most popular searches by past day, week and month. Under the Settings tab, you can determine who you would like to be able to see the search stats. You can also filter the search results to exclude specific words or terms from displaying in the Recent Searches or Popular Searches.

There is also a feature that enables you to steer your readers by showing the most popular search terms on the front end. The Popular Searches widget shows the most top successfully searched topics, along with hyperlinks to each search result.

If you want to get serious about providing your visitors with the information that they are looking for on your WordPress site, then give yourself the benefit of knowing what they are searching. Try out Search Meter and let us know how you like it. Do you already use Search Meter? We’d love to hear from you about how it has improved your online business, service or blog!