A free WordPress Form Builder with Calculations and Payments?!

A free WordPress Form Builder with Calculations and Payments?!

Forminator 1.7 is here including calculations and Stripe payments. A new bar has been set for what you can expect for free from your WordPress form builder plugin!

Not familiar? It’s time for a change.

Name a lead generating, money making, revenue growing website that doesn’t have some way to capture information… you can’t!

Forms are as essential to WordPress as water is to a fish. But licensing a usable form builder, with a sensible UI that looks absolutely brilliant in just about any WordPress theme, is expensive.

Forminator changes everything as the first completely free, premium form plugin for WordPress. We released version 1.0 with basic form essentials, 1000+ 3rd-party integrations, and a fancy poll and quiz builder.

Then we made it free on WordPress.org.

To make it a suitable replacement for your paid favorites required advanced calculations and a way to take payments. Today, Forminator delivers on both fronts.

Before we take a look at the new features, install Forminator on your site so that you can follow along :) Get it on WordPress.org or install Forminator Pro with 24/7 live support and get access to our complete suite of performance, optimization, security, marketing, hosting, and site management tools with a WPMU DEV membership free trial.

Forminator the Super Calculator!

Is it actually that cool? Yes. Yes, it is. Calculations open a whole new world of form building. Collect information, generate leads, take orders, and engage visitors…Forminator is a lead-magnet. There are literally thousands of combinations but here are a few ideas:

  • A registration form with upgrade packages and unique pricing
  • Sell a tee shirt with size, color, price and tax variations
  • Add a BMI and/or calorie intake calculator to your health and fitness blog
  • Embed a loan calculator into your finance site
  • Display a due date calculator for your midwife client
  • Interactive insta-quote or service estimator
  • Share an ROI calculator on your agency site
  • And on, and on, and on…

Let’s see how it works. Devman wants to sell graphic tees to his fan base so let’s build out his order form.

Setup a new form in Forminator
Setup your new form and give it a name.

Using selectors, we’ll add color, style, size, and quantity variations. The larger sizes had a markup from our distributor but with Forminator we were able to easily re-calculate and adjust the price based on size and quantity.

Forminator selector variations for WordPress forms
Use selectors to create size variables.

And of course, Devman’s local government wants a piece of the sales. Using another calculation module we can figure the additional percentage for taxes.

Forminator calculation options
Set additional fees like taxes or shipping

You can also include an up-sell for shipping, but Devman will just fly over and deliver for himself. ;)

If math is not your strong suit, Forminator has your back. Forminator gives visual queues for what is being totaled.

Once the calculations are run, we’ll capture the name, email address, and phone number so we can deliver the shirt and add them to the Devman superfan contact list.

Forminator calculations
Upload and share your form to start taking orders.

What About Payments?

Forminator 1.7 includes Stripe (and PayPal is on the way). You captured all required information, used calculations to tally up the total, and now your users can place their order directly from Forminator. Woohoo!

Stripe payment popup
Take payments without leaving your form.

To activate the Stripe module, go to the Forminator ‘Settings’ tab in the sidebar, choose ‘Payments’, click ‘Configure’ and add your publishable keys to the pop-up module. At the bottom of the module click ‘connect’ and you’re all ready to start taking payments.

Stripe Forminator integration
Drop in your Stripe code under Settings>Payment.

No more manual payments for Devman. We can go back over to his order form and add the Stripe module. Set the payment option to ‘variable’ and choose the total to bill based on your user’s options. In this case, we go with ‘grand total’.

Use calculations to set variable payments.
Use calculations for variable payment options.

Not using Stripe or PayPal? Forminator’s API is open and well-documented. Build, share, or sell your own Forminator integrations.

Take a look at how it turned out on Devman’s site. Use credit card number 4242 4242 4242 4242, any future date (MM/YY), and 3 digit CVC to have a play.

Also, check out this quick video on adding order forms with Forminator:

So much more…

Forminator 1.7 was packed with over 25 additions, improvements, and fixes (it probably could’ve been 2.0). But our developers still have some big moves up their sleeves.

Forminator is now by far the most robust, free form builder for WordPress and stands firm against your favorite premium solutions. So do yourself a favor and save yourself, and your customers, thousands of dollars in licensing fees.

Download Forminator from WordPress.org or, if you’re a member, install Forminator Pro from the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin including hero hider white labeling, access to all our premium plugins, managed WordPress hosting, and 24/7 live support.

Is anything stopping you from using Forminator? Let us know in the comments.

Aileen Javier

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