Forminator Quizzes now With Integrations and Wizardry

Forminator Quizzes now With Integrations and Wizardry

Forminator, our WordPress form, poll & quiz builder, was just released this year and has already moved into our top 10 most active pro plugins – and his powers are only expanding! This time it’s Quizzes, now with integrations, a new wizard, and a multi correct answers upgrade.

In the past, WordPress form builders have either been free or functional. Forminator is the first of its kind, completely open, completely free drag and drop form plugin. And it will blow you away… at least that is what users are saying.

“I am seriously blown away by everything Forminator does, and for free!? The UI is the best I’ve used of any form plugin (free or premium), and I’ve tried them all. This has everything I look for in a form plugin: drag and drop, conditional logic, submission database, email marketing integrations, Ajax form submission. And some things I wasn’t expecting like form styling options with pre-set themes, and a real-time popup form previewer. I’m still sort of shocked that all of this is available in the free version. Great job WPMU DEV!” –Tim Strifler, Co-Host WP the Podcast

So, beware. Forminator may leave you in a state of shock.

Forminator is free on, but if you’re wondering why so many people trust the WPMU DEV lineup of hero services (optimization, performance, security, backups, support, hosting, and the Hub site manager), try it all with a WPMU DEV membership free trial.

Now onto the main event… what’s new with Forminator?

An all-new Quiz Wizard Design (Or Should I say, Quizard?)

When planning Forminator 1.0 we wanted to release something that was tight, clean, and incredibly easy to use. At the core of Forminator are high-quality development and a streamlined interface. Do what you need, quick and efficient.

Thus the early adaptation of forms.

What we did not expect was how much our users would absolutely adore his charming Polls and Quizzes modules.

Forminator quiz wizard
Quizzes got a new Wizard upgrade.

We started this update by extending the Forms wizard design into Quizzes. Choose a Knowledge Quiz or Personality Quiz, give your quiz a name, style, and you’re off and running.

Forminator Extended Integrations

Forminator’s Forms were already connected to 1000+ web apps. We’ve extended this to Quizzes. Huzzah!

Quizzes integrates with over 1000+ third-party apps.

Connect your quizzes with Google Sheets, Trello, Slack, and any of Zapier’s thousand third-party integrations. Automatically move results, notifications, tasks, etc. and streamline your workflow.

Multiple Correct Answers for Knowledge Quizzes

Not every question has only one correct answer. That is why we’ve expanded our Knowledge Quizzes so you can create more than one correct answer.

It’s quite easy to implement. Create a question, add an answer and use the checkboxes to set what answers will be accepted as correct.

Forminator multiple correct quiz answers
Mark multiple quizzes answers correct.

It’s these little details that make Forminator perfect for every project.

What’s Next?

Forminator is a young powerhouse with a strong foundation. So what do we have in the pipeline? Calculations and Payments. Contact forms, polls, and quizzes are great, but soon you’ll be able to cancel your other pro form builder membership.

We’re soon breaking into the pro market (but don’t worry everything currently in Forminator will always be included in both the pro and free versions)

And a big nod of the hat to the developers that have already started building custom integrations. If you’re a developer, get started with the Forminator API. Give ‘em away, or start selling custom integrations for Forminator. If you build something cool, don’t forget to tell us about it.

Get started today on or start your free trial membership and get unlimited access to our support staff, and all our premium services, hosting, and automation tools.


Have you tried Forminator? Get it free, try it, and tell us what you think in the comments.

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