Free Template For Designing WordPress Admin Icons

Free Template For Designing WordPress Admin Icons

Today we want to look at a new tool available for WordPress designers and plugin developers whose work requires custom admin icons. WordPress admin icons are important for branding your custom plugin in the dashboard. Web and UI designer Matthias Kretschmann has created a free template and code samples for designing your own admin icons.

Custom admin icons are needed in when creating new custom post types, plugin settings and theme options pages. At the very least you will need three icons:

  • two 16px icons for the admin menu, one non-colored and one colored icon for the hover state
  • one 32px icon for the actual screen

What’s included in the template pack?

Inside the download you’ll find a layered PSD with all of the icons sizes you’ll need. You’ll also find code examples for quickly implementing the sprites with custom post types and plugin/theme options pages, along with a few sample sprites for the various sizes.

Refer to Matthias’ release post for more detailed recommendations for the workflow of implementing the template and code examples.

You can download the free WP Admin Icon template and code from or grab it on github. The code is licensed under the GPL and the template PSD is public domain, free to use in any personal or commercial projects. This template pack most certainly took some time to prepare, so drop by Matthias’ site to say thanks or buy him a coffee.