Free WordPress Svbtle Theme Provides a Revolutionary Blogging Experience

Free WordPress Svbtle Theme Provides a Revolutionary Blogging Experience

WordPress themes are becoming more and more minimalist these days as users are gravitating towards simplicity, but this new one really takes the cake. It’s based on the Svbtle blogging network design. The team at Gravity On Mars has created a WordPress theme that replicates this interface, both on the front end and within the dashboard.

The WP-Svbtle theme provides a truly simple, content-focused blogging experience. Here’s what it looks like on the frontend but you definitely need to check out the WordPress Svbtle Theme Demo to see it in action.

The WordPress Svbtle theme is unique in that it comes with two directories, because the admin area and the theme are 100% independent from each other. When installing it, you add the svbltle folder to wp-content/themes/. Then you move the wp-svbtle folder to the root of your WordPress installation. You can now visit to use the new dashboard:

The new post editor has a very zen style interface for creating content:

The theme comes with a very simple options page that allows you to input your Twitter username, select your blog color and add scripts. It has also built-in options for a custom header in the style of Svbtle:

If you find the WordPress dashboard to be utterly uninspiring, then WP-Svbtle might be just what you need to reinvigorate your blogging habits. This theme lets you take advantage of all the publishing power within WordPress along with the clean, simple blogging experience of Svbtle. Interested to take it for a test drive on your development environment? You can download the WP-Svbtle theme for free at github. Let us know what you think of creating content through this new dashboard.