Free WordPress Themes by Automattic: The Top 10

Free WordPress Themes by Automattic: The Top 10

Free WordPress Themes by Automattic: The Best of the BestAs you will already know if you read Sarah’s recent article, the new default WordPress theme will soon be available on

Personally, I love the minimalistic look of Twenty Twelve, and think it makes a great addition to Automattic’s ever-growing portfolio of free WordPress themes.

To celebrate the upcoming release of Twenty Twelve, today I am featuring a selection of the best free themes on developed by Automattic. The WordPress development team (incorporating both the Automattic and wordpressdotorg profiles) have released no less than twenty free WordPress themes, and I have picked out what I consider to be the top ten and present them to you here. Enjoy!

10. Toolbox


Download Toolbox

9. Bouquet


Download Bouquet

8. Sundance


Download Sundance

7. Esquire


Download Esquire

6. Parament


Download Parament

5. Pink Touch 2

Pink Touch 2

Download Pink Touch 2

4. Dusk to Dawn

Dusk to Dawn

Download Dusk to Dawn

3. Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory

Download Chaos Theory

2. Sunspot


Download Sunspot

1. Twenty Eleven

Twenty Eleven

Download Twenty Eleven

Creative Commons image courtesy of Horia Varlan
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