From WordPress Beginner To Blogging Rockstar: 28 Awesome Tips

From WordPress Beginner To Blogging Rockstar: 28 Awesome Tips

Blogging Rockstar
Admit it…you want to be this guy

WordPress can be overwhelming at first. And there is a good reason for that – it is an extremely powerful piece of kit. And with great power comes great responsibility. Whilst that’s not at all relevant to this post, it is always fun to sound ominous.

There are a few things that you want to get right with WordPress. You want an awesome theme. All the right plugins. All the right knowledge. And much more. You want to know those little things that we all wish we’d known when we first started out.

Well, you’re in the right place.

Getting Started

  1. Getting StartedLearn the basics
  2. Install WordPress in 5 minutes max
  3. Still working on your design? Let visitors know that your blog is coming soon

Finding Plugins And Themes

  1. Finding Plugins And ThemesChoose from our own huge resource of free plugins and themes
  2. Check out the WordPress repository (themes | plugins)
  3. Only ever download themes from trusted sources

Special Social Sauce

  1. Special Social SauceGet your blog optimized for social media lovin’ with Floating Social
  2. Keep the comments flowing with Comments Plus
  3. Follow these 6 simple steps to get more comment love
  4. Keep your blog visitors smiling with WP Grins
  5. Make comment spam a problem of the past
  6. Make sure that your visitors can contact you
  7. Optimize your blog for Facebook

Content Love

  1. ContentLearn how to be a successful blogger
  2. Write great content
  3. Be remarkable
  4. Publish a pillar article
  5. Go viral

Under The Hood

  1. Under The HoodSecure your blog
  2. Set up an offline WordPress blog for tinkering (Mac | PC)
  3. Make sure you don’t break your blog!
  4. Make sure that your blog displays correctly on all major formats
  5. Beware of updating plugins
  6. Power up your blog with FeedBurner
  7. Optimize your blog’s load time

Some Fancy Pants Stuff To Be Starting With

Fancy Pants
That’s right…actual fancy pants
  1. Save time by editing your CSS on the fly
  2. Power up your browser for WordPress domination
  3. Be stylish – use Google fonts
  4. Spice up your theme

What Now?

What are you waiting for? You can’t tell me that you have owned all 28 of those tips already? Really?

Well it’s your turn then: submit your own awesome WordPress tips in the comments section below! What else do you think should be on the list?

Creative commons photos courtesy of Simon Davison and kafka4prez